The curious case of JLT’s underground helicopter

In a caper that sounds fit for the likes of a Sherlock Holmes novel, residents of JLT have noticed the mysterious appearance of a subterranean chopper.

A helicopter has been spotted in one of JLT’s basement car parks and it’s been raising some big questions. How did it get there? How will it get out? And the perennial millennial refrain – like, why though? Super random.

We were just about to stock-up on Scooby snacks and jump in the Dubai Week Mystery Machine when an email came through claiming to unmask the mastermind behind it all. And it has nothing to do with a creepy janitor.

It turns out that the owner of the flying machine is none other than JLT gastro pub, [u]bk who are planning to use it as a dangling decorative piece of objet d’art.

Alexander Musch, General Manager, Mövenpick JLT said, “over the past year at [u]bk we have made quite a few changes to elevate our customers’ experience … [including] the only dedicated PlayStation booth in the city. We are now adding our very own helicopter, why not? It’s all part of how we will continue to reach new heights in 2020 – pun intended”

Mystery – solved. And at the risk of this sounding like a #notsponsored plug – we’d like to remind you that [u]bk is making Chrimbo wallet-friendly again. Their big day brunch is only AED 199 – which includes food, drinks and being seasonally serenaded by live musicians. For more ideas on what to do this week, hit us up here.

1pm-4pm. Mövenpick Hotel Jumeirah Lakes Towers, 04 438 0000. 

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