UPDATE: AED 15 million luxury amphibious limousine for sale on Dubizzle



Standard limousines are so 2015, so how about doing the morning commute of the new year in a luxury amphibious limo?

Providing you work in the Marina, think of what you’ll save on Salik toll charges and parking costs – hopefully more than AED 15 million, because that’s the starting price for the ACURY MYT 10 Nouvoyage.

The 10-metre craft is making a splash at online auction site dubizzle, where it’s currently the most expensive vehicle listed for sale.

NOUVOYAGE - dubizzle postCreated by Dubai luxury yacht maker Acury, the Nouvoyage can seat 12 guests, a driver and an assistant, and is perfect for those awkward moments when your private helicopter is otherwise engaged.

While it might look a touch bizarre on land (like a giant otter on wheels), once in the water, Nouvoyage travels at a comfortable cruise speed of 20 knots – about 37 kph – with an impressive 500-600 horsepower, which is the equivalent of a waterborne McLaren F1.

NouvoyageDesigned for transporting the super rich, the tender, to give its proper name, is obviously kitted out with luxury touches including leather seats, a premium sound system and erm, a power sunroof. Presumably only for land-side use.

According to listing on dubizzle.com, it’s in perfect condition inside and out, has covered just 100km and comes with power steering.

Osman Bhurgri, marketing manager of dubizzle Motors, said: “The UAE is known for its love of luxury cars and yachts, and this limousine tender pushes the limits of what we have seen on the website so far. We look forward to seeing the Nouvoyage in action on the Marina.”

Decadent, but possibly not the most bizarre dubizzle auction of 2015. That honour must fall to Einstein, the world’s most complete dinosaur fossil, who appeared and disappeared from the website in July, after being listed for AED 88 million – that’s nearly six aqua limos.

Got some cash to blow after Christmas? Start the bidding for Nouvoyage at dubizzle.ae.

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