Bab Al Shams, from memorable iftars to sociable suhoors

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Ramadan is a time of reflection, compassion and understanding. It’s also a time for family and friends. The natural rhythm of the day shifts towards the later hours.

As the sun sets over the horizon, the call to prayer heralds the breaking of a daylong fast. Family and friends gather for their iftar meal. Often these gatherings extend to later in the night as people relax and reflect. Conversation flow as night gathers and the evening turns into a suhoor gathering, which is traditionally the meal people partake of before dawn, in preparation for the fast.

The Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa understands how daily rhythms ebb and flow during Ramadan. The resort realises how iftar gatherings turn into suhoor socials. Hence why the customer service team has put together an experience that starts at sunset and lasts till the early hours of the morning, and relies on two signature Bab Al Shams destinations: Al Hadheerah Ramadan tent and Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge

Breaking the fast in the desert takes on special significance at Al Hadheerah Ramadan tent. With the sun clearly marking its trajectory as it sinks towards the dunes, guests can visually anticipate the onset of iftar. As the call to prayer officially marks the end of the day’s fasting, guests are welcomed to an exquisite iftar buffet that samples the best of Emirati, Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese cuisines. Moroccan, Omani and Iranian savoury influences are well-represented, with inspiration from India and Turkey thrown into the mix. Live cooking stations sizzle with activity as tender chunks of meat are skewered, flavoured and cooked to perfection. The dessert menu brings together Arabic influences, with international offerings to showcase the pastry team’s nous.

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Soon, the frenetic activity of the iftar feast gives way to a more contemplative atmosphere. As guests recline and relax, the pulse of the evening shifts. A live oud player offers ambient music and guests are invited to explore shisha flavours from the special Ramadan hubble-bubble menu.

Al Hadheerah is a destination patronised not just by Emiratis and Arabs, but also an international clientele – many of whom fly in for a special experience. Hence why Bab Al Shams ensures that the Arabian authenticity of its Ramadan tent is complemented by a journey brimming with education and entertainment. A heritage caravan show with performing horses and camels explains the significance of these animals to desert life, while taking guests on a journey of an older way of living. Visitors are also invited to pose with a majestic falcon, while expert handlers clarify the importance of falconry in UAE tradition.

The sensational iftar transits to an indulgent suhoor as guests are invited to Al Sarab Rooftop Lounge. The two-storey rooftop lounge recreates traditional Arabian majlis, with panoramic views of the Dubai desert on offer in all directions. Here, guests repose and reflect, while indulging in the traditional art of shisha smoking under the stars, until the early hours of the next day.

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa Ramadan is a must-do experience. It takes the best of many worlds – the serenity of Ramadan, the authenticity of Arabian culture, world-class cuisine and an exploration of Arabian heritage – and packages it into a proposition that takes guests on an unforgettable journey from dusk to late nights. And of course, guests can choose to either just experience iftar, show up late for a relaxed suhoor, or stay for both.

Book your spot at the Al Hadheerah Tent in Bab Al Shams. Al Qudra Road. Sunday to Wednesday, AED 265; Thursday, Friday and Saturday, AED 295. Children up to four dine free; 50 per cent off for five-12 years. 04 809 6194.




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