We tried this eyelash treatment and our lashes look crazy good

 Treatment Room Tips and ToesFalse eyelashes are a go-to for glamour, but if wrestling with those tiny spiders brings too much drama to your day, this new treatment could reveal the eye-lashes of your dreams.

So good-bye false eyelashes, hello LVL Treatment. Touted as the most revolutionary thing for your ocular attractiveness on the market, find it in all 32 Tips & Toes stores across the UAE.

The cheery premise is that most of us have naturally great eyelashes, but we just don’t know it yet. Rather than using fakery that ultimately leaves lashes looking short and sad, the LVL Treatment takes your what your were born with and makes them into thick, long, eye-opening beauties.

Standing for Length, Volume, Lift, LVL certainly lives up to its acronym. The treatment works in two basic stages. Firstly, your lashes are lifted from the roots using a lifting balm, then tinted, which gives the effect of longer, thicker lashes.

Here’s how it works:


The treatment takes about 45 minutes, and the best part, it’s a closed-eye procedure, so you can let yourself sink in to Tips & Toes’ comfy beds and have a bit of R&R.

We’re promised six weeks of fabulous lashes, but with the proper after-care could see results for up to eight weeks. The next day we are happy enough with the results to skip mascara and friends note our general wide-eyed appearance of a good night’s rest.

LVL Treatment

Take all my money? The treatment usually costs AED 300, but for December all Tips & Toes are doing it at a discounted rate of AED 270.

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