Review: The Silk Spa at Habtoor City’s luxurious Signature Silk Ritual

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Here’s a nugget from history – Roman emperors forbid men from wearing silk, on the grounds that it was frivolous.

Thankfully the ‘sumptuary laws’ were ineffectual and silk remains a byword for luxury till today. The Silk Spa at Habtoor City’s luxurious Signature Silk Ritual combines a body scrub, facial and massage and promises to leave you feeling as smooth as fibre it’s named after.

Our 120-minute descent into relaxation begins with a body scrub, using products from British range Espa. Although the salts are a little abrasive, they smell great and leave our skin as soft as…silk! The spa’s facilities are first-rate and we especially like the shower room, which combines lights and sound effects to recreate tropical rainstorms and fog showers.

After a quick rinse, we’re back with therapist Joy, for our massage. We take three deep breaths of a soothing oil before her kind hands massage our cares away. She often checks the pressure isn’t too hard – it’s so perfect that we’re almost falling asleep.

The personalisation continues into our facial, when Joy does a skin test to see what skin issues we have. It’s our first facial, so we’re not sure what to expect, but she reassures us our skin is good and needs only some pampering with a divine smelling cleanser, toner and serum.

Relaxed and fresh-faced, we go to the huge chandelier-decked relaxation room where they’ve brewed up a green tea for us. Heavy on the opulence, the spa is a good size, with six treatment suites and two hammam across sections for men and women.

As well as relaxing, guests are welcome to use the steam room and sauna, although we didn’t leave enough time.

The Silk Spa Signature Silk Ritual costs AED 690 until the end of October and AED 990 after. Floor 2, Habtoor Palace, Habtoor City. 9am-9pm, daily. 04 435 5500.


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