Here are six things you need to do on your next holiday

Planning a last-minute holiday before summer ends? Here are some practical tips on how to have the best time…

Words by: Vanisha Rajesh


There is great sense of relief and happiness when traveling across the horizon, where new adventures reside. But before taking a trip, we’re usually all over the place with bookings to do, things to pack, schedules to check and itineraries to plan.

Relax, here are a few handy tips to help you make the most of your trip:

  • No matter what, less is always more

    This cannot be stressed enough, but taking an extra pair of shoes just because it matches that one outfit is really not worth the weigh. Travel light, but efficient! Making a list of all the necessities is a great way to avoid over-packing. Also, if you are taking any domestic flights, make sure you check the baggage allowances as they may vary.

Packed only essentials, but your suitcase is still overflowing? There’s a simple solution to this common problem…

Check out the Japanese art of de-cluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo. She’s a Japanese organizing consultant, #1 New York Times best-selling author and lifestyle and cleaning guru. Her helpful tip on how to fold clothes will make you realise you’ve been doing it wrong all your life!

  • Keep the phone down and soak in all the beauty

    While it feels amazing to post your travel photos all over social media and have people turn green with envy, put your phone away for a minute and soak it all in. It’s easy to scroll back later and see the photos, but the perfect moment is hard to recreate.

    It’s also helpful to carry a travel journal to document your experiences and explorations. You never know, what you see in one of your travel expeditions could be your inspiration that leads to something wonderful.


  • Walk, walk, walk 

    Most of us UAE residents aren’t used to walking long hours, but to truly explore a new city and to discover insider info that only residents know, you must walk around instead of taking cabs everywhere.

    But don’t forget to download Google Maps, or any other apps that can direct you around the city. Although hiring a local guide is almost always worth the cost, you can also use the Local Guides feature on Google Maps to look up vacation spots and check out pictures, honest reviews, and find the best eateries in town. You can also upload photos and earn points to get some nice freebies. Check it out here!


  • Purchase a souvenir and a postcard

    We all have that one friend who collects magnets from all the places they’ve travelled to, displayed on their refrigerator; as proof of all of their escapades. There are many things you can collect as mementos, including postcards!

    The stunning images captured in postcards give you a glimpse of the place, and documenting details of your adventures serve as great remnants of the trip. There’s also a website if you want to turn your photos in to postcards, to send to your friends and family. Check it out here.


  • Do something new every time

    Make sure you try something different and/or adventurous every time you travel to a new destination. Need inspiration? Start with something that the place is famous for, for example skydiving from the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, visiting the Harry Potter bar in London, hang gliding in Interlaken, canoeing in Emerald Lake, or zip-lining over verdant rainforests.


  • Embrace it all

    The bumpy rides, the late nights, the delays, the haste before catching a flight (and the fear of missing one), the terrible food and the great food. No matter how good or bad your experiences are, it’s all worth it and makes for great throwback stories.

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