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6 early signs of dementia, including forgetting your wallet and ID

6 early signs of dementia, including forgetting your wallet and ID

Dementia is a general term and “not a specific disease”, defined as a disorder whose symptoms are “reduced ability to remember, think or make decisions, which interfere with daily activities”. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), although dementia often affects the elderly, it is not part of the normal elderly. The symptoms of dementia vary from person to person, but according to a report by Eat This Not That, there are 6 clear signs that a person has dementia.

1. Difficulty in completing familiar tasks

Peter Rose, president of the American Home Care Association, explains, “Elderly people with dementia usually find it difficult to complete normal daily tasks, which may have been easier before. Credit card bills or how to play the game they enjoyed.

Although normal forgetfulness is normal with age, forgetting the routine daily routine that is often followed can cause anxiety.


2. Confusion between time and place

“Keeping track of dates, times and seasons can be difficult for people with dementia,” Rose says. “If something does not happen immediately, it’s hard for them to understand. Forgetting addresses, especially if it’s a place they often want, a supermarket – or a person forgetting how they got somewhere is especially worrying.”

3. Problems in speaking and writing

“The inability to follow or engage in a conversation can be a symptom of dementia,” Ross explains. “Or the person may be paused in the middle of a sentence or have difficulty working with them without knowing how to repeat or repeat a sentence. Vocabulary.”

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4. Constant loss of goods

Ross notes, “People who are depressed often forget where they left off or put things where they were not used. They have little or no difficulty in knowing where to put things, and accusing others of stealing is a sign that it’s not right.”



5. The tendency to isolate

According to Ross, “It’s normal for older people to be tired at certain social gatherings, and people with dementia will often shy away from social activities. It’s usually difficult to remember how to finish their favorite hobby.”

6. Mood swings

“People with dementia often experience severe mood swings, confusion, strange behaviors, or depression, fear or anxiety. They have difficulty dealing with minor disruptions in everyday life and find it difficult to adjust their emotions in unfamiliar places,” Ross explains. .

Natural symptoms of aging

Brian Woo, director of psychiatry at the Executive Mental Health for Behavioral Healthcare team and an expert in aging care, explains, “Forgetting the keys from time to time like anyone else, but constantly forgetting about wallets and ID cards at home. While this does not happen often and consistently, it is definitely a development to watch out for as it may show potential changes in the brain that may be long lasting and have underlying underlying effects. Be the first sign of dementia. “

Seek medical attention

“There are objective tests that can be very helpful in diagnosing the causes of these problems when you see a doctor,” says Dr. Woo, who advises seeing a specialist at an early stage. “Sometimes there’s nothing wrong. A good base is much better than a long wait.”

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Dementia slows down the process

According to Dr. Woo, “Today’s best advice is to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible, including getting enough sleep, eating a healthy and wholesome diet, and engaging in appropriate physical and social activities.”